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Visa Investor Tier 1 is introduced for investors who are ready to make a significant contribution to the UK economy.
Preferential tax treatment for residents who do not permanently reside in the UK.
Visa-free entry to the majority of countries of the world.
One of the most prestigious education systems of the world.
The main applicant’s spouse and children under 18 also receive the right to reside in the country.
To participate in the program, an applicant should not prove the English language knowledge, or have a business experience, or be interviewed.
Requirements for the program participation:
The main applicant should have GBP 2,000,000 bank account deposit within 2 years. This amount is then invested in the equity or debt capital of operating UK companies.
If an applicant plans to obtain a permanent residence, the investment amounts and the terms of registration of permanent residence are as follows:
  • GBP 5,000,000 – Permanent residence in 3 years.
  • GBP 10,000,000 – Permanent residence in 2 years.