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The program was re-established in 2017.
It is the only country in the Caribbean region, which citizens have a visa-free entry to China.
Citizenship to the whole family of the main applicant, including parents and unmarried siblings under 18.
Citizenship is transferable to the family future generations with no limitation.
Visa-free travel to 140+ countries including the Schengen Area, China and Russia.
The only program in the region that offers an Е-2 Investor Visa in the USA granting the right to live, work and study in the country.
To participate in the program, the main applicant should fulfill the following:
To make a contribution to the National Transformation Fund:
  • The main applicant – USD 150,000.
  • The main applicant + spouse + up to 3 dependents – USD 200,000.
  • Each additional dependent – USD 25,000.
  • To purchase real estate of an approved project for the amount of USD 350,000 with a min. tenure of 5 years.
It is also required to cover the governmental charge which amount depends on a number of family members.

According to our experience, it takes 1-2 months to collect and process documents. Consideration of the application by the government may take 3-4 months. In total, the procedure for obtaining citizenship takes up to six months.