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With the accession of the Republic of Cyprus to the Schengen zone, the permanent residence program of this country will become even more attractive. Holders of permanent residence in Cyprus have the opportunity to permanently reside on the island, spend up to 180 days per year in any of the EU countries, and also, if required, become a tax resident of Cyprus.
Transparent procedure and processing time of permanent residence registration (from 2 to 3 months).
Opportunity to include the spouse of the main applicant, his children under 25 years old, as well as his parents into the application.
No requirements for physical residence in the country, just to visit Cyprus once every two years.
Opportunity to become a tax resident of Cyprus.

Non-EU citizens can participate in the program by choosing one of the investment options:

  • Purchase of residential or commercial real estate for the minimum amount of EUR 300,000 (+VAT).
  • OR
  • Acquisition of shares in a Cyprus company with the value of EUR 300,000.
  • OR
  • Acquisition of shares in Cyprus private investment funds with the value of EUR 300,000.

The process of obtaining the permanent residence takes from 2 up to 3 months and is issued for an untimely period, which is obviously an advantageous difference comparing to temporary residence permit programs in other European countries. 7 years after the permanent residence obtaining, the program participants and their family members can apply for the Cyprus citizenship.