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The Government of Montenegro launched the program in October 2019. It has been announced lately that the program will be closed at the end of 2021 but there is still an opportunity to apply for the Montenegro citizenship.
Montenegro has an official EU candidate country status.
Citizenship for the whole family: the main applicant, his(her) spouse and children.
Prompt processing procedure: up to 6 months.
Visa free access to 120+ countries, including Schengen Area.
No physical residence requirement.
To participate in the program, the main applicant should fulfill the following:
To make an obligatory contribution for the amount of EUR 100,000 to the state fund.
To invest into a real estate development approved by the government.
  • from EUR 250,000 in the northern or central parts of Montenegro;
  • from EUR 400,000 in the southern part or in the capital of the country.
It is also required to cover the governmental charge, and the family must undergo the due diligence process.

According to our experience, it takes 1-2 months to collect and process documents. Consideration of the application by the government may take 3-4 months. In total, the procedure for obtaining citizenship takes up to six months.